Plant Based Alternatives | Dairy free Milk


that moment when you tell someone your “vegan”, and the one of the most popular responses usually is but what about milk?!

well in actual fact these days There are plenty of delicious cow free alternatives for you to splash in your smoothies, pour in your coffee, drizzle over your cereal or sip with your cookies.

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Easy 4 ingredient Creamy Garlic Sauce



So you know I love food and I love to cook but sometimes I don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen creating magic. Sometimes it can be oh so simple and it SHOULD be!!! So yes you only need the 4 ingredients you see above in the image and If you love creamy sauces and don’t want none of the dairy I am telling you that you need to make this NOW.  I promise you will not regret making this sauce it is DELISH!!! 

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Plant Based Food – Staples On a Budget


So eating plant based, healthy and delicious food doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive or hard work. I have got a few staple ingredients for you that are versatile, will keep you fueled and on the right track. If you would like a whole shopping list, go and download one free  which is full of my must haves in the kitchen…..

Hop on over to >>>>>  Plant based Shopping list

Lets  get cooking!!


Vegan & Gluten free Pizza!!

IMAG5596 (1)

I have always had a thing for pizza and I even worked at Pizza Hut for five years as a waitress, the combo of dough, sauce, cheese and toppings is just very satisfying. Since embarking on my health journey (started January 2013) and then my vegan journey I have tried to cut out the middle man. As you know I believe in having your cake and eating it so I like to create things myself, I have had pizza from places but there is something very satisfying about homemade pizza. I started making my own pizza bases back in 2013 with wheat flour they were okay did the job but not perfect but when I think back they were nothing like they are now. I then started to create a gluten free pizza base they would be misshapen,break, stick and just be a hot mess but since time has gone on I have mastered the PIZZA.

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Pancakes Galore!!!


 I know I know I made y’all dribble… if you don’t know already pancakes are my THANG its my Saturday morning brekkie that will never get old. Good, healthy, tasty, nutritious and creative food doesn’t have to be boring or complicated. Seeming as I have my recipe on point I wanted share with y’all my simple recipe so you can get making them and ENJOY. These can be made anytime and in as little as 15 minutes, these pancakes only require 5 to 6 ingredients depending on what you flavour fancy. This recipe is my latest one but I do switch it up so feel free to add your own twist!!


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