Butterflies Don’t Mean Love!!


Okay so I saw this film BAGGAGE CLAIM last week Friday you know your typical rom com and it happened to be a black one and it got me thinking.  If you intend to watch this film then stop reading NOW!!

The film is about a woman who is yet to find a husband her mother always pressures her and she feels like she will never get married. She has a best friend who is male from school days they get on so well but she goes on a quest to find a man in time for sister engagement party. She goes above and beyond to find him to end up with the person right under her nose.

Okay I think I can stop there you get the drift.

 Yes that typical situation!!

Now when you watch these mushy films I think it not a case of getting all caught up in the moment or thinking the same will or won’t happen in real life. It is more of a case that the film having messages hidden within the situations that definitely apply to REAL LIFE!! 

1. She ends up with the guy who lives across the hall – So this can happen in real life your too busy looking for perfect or an unrealistic representation of the right man who you fail to see what is right in front of you.

2. She was searching for this man that didn’t exist – This fairytale man doesn’t exist but the RIGHT man who will treat you like a queen and look after you does!!

3. Her mother putting pressure on her because she isn’t married yet – Don’t live your life how others tell you to, do what you feel happy with and what works for you. You decide when the time is right and also the place.

These are a few points that I got from the film as I wasn’t about to get all dreamy and wait for my knight in shining armour 🙂

I like to take my experiences and turn them into something constructive!!

BUTTERFLIES DON’T MEAN LOVE although that tingling feeling can be an indicator that you fancy, have feelings or are lusting for. In my opinion it doesn’t mean that you love that person.

Love isn’t easy it is about what you would do for that person despite their faults and mistakes.

Love doesn’t have a time or a place.

My thoughts on love change due to things I see, experience and encounter!

But I do know that true love never dies, it just is hidden well or just isn’t allowed to roam free!



The Perfect Man!!


It’s funny how you can have it all mapped out in your head about what type of guy you would like to be with….his looks and how he would treat you. You may even come across someone who ticks all the boxes, the looks you like, things in common but still it’s not quite right.

Just know that the guy you end up with may not even be who you thought!! 

But there is another factor some women can expect their perfect guy to just pop up and have all these things to offer but what are they bringing to the picnic?

Now I am not saying that this is applies to all women but it definitely to quite a few out there.


Now lets not try to go all materialistic but you want him to have a hopes, dreams, ambition, job/career, drive, own place, take you out, make you laugh, comfort you, make you scream his name, understand you, not make you angry, don’t leave his socks on the floor, cook you breakfast in bed and put the toilet seat down.

Yes the list could go on but you see it started to sounds a bit much?

What you need to ask is what can you do for him? can you cook him breakfast , can you comfort him and can you make him scream your name. Basically if you are expecting a man to have the whole shebang make sure that you have things to offer also, don’t just think that you deserve them it is not a one way street.

My theory is to just do your thing, focus on yourself and being your best self, this means your open for the right guy to find you when the time is right!!


But some ladies please put away your spade and shovel you are not digging for gold!!!

I am not saying for you to not look but don’t try to pre plan that man you will find. If you keep searching for this made up man you have created in your head you will probably always be disappointed. I am also not saying  that it is not possible to find your perfect man I am just saying that your approach may be stopping the process.You don’t even need to let go of your morals because I believe the person your with needs to be on the same page as you. But don’t expect them to smell of roses all the time if you smell like cow doo doo! 

 As women we all have our check lists and probably even men, but to actually be happy and find someone special we need to put the focus elsewhere. Have you ever found something that you wasn’t even looking for?

That doesn’t mean settle for what comes your way, it simply means not to think things will be predictable and to know what you will get.

The truth is the man you put together on paper may not even be who you end up with, and those requirements may not even be right for you in the end.

My advice is to not look like you lost something, but put yourself out there, do your thing and make sure that you are being the best you can be before you expect a perfect man to come your way!

Search for the perfect YOU!!


Life isn’t ready made!!


I wanted to talk about something a bit different for this post, things can get a little bit materialistic around here and I feel we live in a materialistic world where happiness is built on what you have or can obtain. We live in a time and place where we want things quick (READY MADE), we want to press a button and it just appear out of nowhere. Or we want to work for it but expect the journey to not be so hard, but even if you get your dream the struggle still continues. You have to stay current, be observant, have new ideas and always be on the ball.

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