The Ultimate Vegan Pizza



So PIZZA yes that bread stuff that is loaded with sauce, cheese and toppings, you can buy from the supermarket, takeaway or you could make it yourself.

Whether its new years eve, a chilled Friday night in or just an normal dinner time this can be made in no time and you can customise it how you like.

If you want to make this delicious vegan & gluten free pizza keep on reading!!!!

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Vegan & Gluten free Pizza!!

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I have always had a thing for pizza and I even worked at Pizza Hut for five years as a waitress, the combo of dough, sauce, cheese and toppings is just very satisfying. Since embarking on my health journey (started January 2013) and then my vegan journey I have tried to cut out the middle man. As you know I believe in having your cake and eating it so I like to create things myself, I have had pizza from places but there is something very satisfying about homemade pizza. I started making my own pizza bases back in 2013 with wheat flour they were okay did the job but not perfect but when I think back they were nothing like they are now. I then started to create a gluten free pizza base they would be misshapen,break, stick and just be a hot mess but since time has gone on I have mastered the PIZZA.

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