Easy Peasy Quinoa | Quick Recipe

Now I will not lie I have a love hate relationship with these little seeds here, if y’all don’t already know let me formerly introduce you. Meet QUINOA (keen-wa) the little seeds that aren’t a grain but a great replacement for rice and are packed full of that good stuff. IT IS A COMPLETE PROTEIN THAT HAS ALL OF THE ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS but it is also PACKED WITH PROTEIN, FIBER, IRON, CALCIUM, PHOSPHORUS, MAGNESIUM AND POTASSIUM. so as you can see you might just want to grab you a bag or two and introduce it into your daily foodings. I will be honest if you don’t add any flavour too these little seeds they can taste very bland, but i have a little simply recipe to get fluffy tasty quinoa in no time.

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Satay Tofu | 5 ingredient Recipe


Yes it’s that funny looking stuff that many turn their noses up at, but will happily eat what once was a living breathing thing. I admit it strange stuff but it is so versatile and a protein source, I have used it to make many things but I must say this is fave!! as a plant muncher it is easy to get hooked on this stuff because sometimes you want something a little more. I say moderation is your best friend as with any other food. tofu initially it can be a tricky thing to get right, i failed many a time in previous years. but now i can give you my fail proof recipe, when you get it RIGHT it’s so yummy and you will never turn your nose up at tofu again!

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Vegan Omelette!


For my fellow vegans out there or for those who just want an alternative this recipe is a great instead of a traditional egg omelette. Because chickpea flour is used this is still a great source of protein so it is giving you the nutritional benefits you need. This is also a cheaper omelette alternative as a bag of gram flour (chickpea flour) can last you a good while. So if you are interested in trying out this recipe then carry on reading below……

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